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Romina furniture is mastered from 100% non-chemically treated, solid wood and is crafted from solid beech boards, dried and treated for added resistance over time. Romina put's safety first in all of its products. Romina uses only certified non-toxic water-based paints and stains and has had all of their products Greenguard Children and Schoolssm certified. In addition, dressers are equipped with an anti-tilting hardware stability system. You can rest assured your little ones are protected by the drawer gliding system that prevents them from being accidentally pulled out. Romina’s drawers and doors are also manufactured with self-closing hardware to avoid accidental finger pinching.

All of Romina’s collections are available in 21 beautiful finishes, including a Bees Wax organic finish. Here are a few of the available finishes. Stop in to see them all.

Romina's Bianco finish Romina's Bianco Santinato finish Romina's Albero Puro finish Romina's Bee's Wax finish Romina's Matallic finish Romina's Bruno Antico finish Romina's Espresso finish Romina's Rosso Regale finish Romina's Ameretto finish Romina's Navy finish Romina's Bruno Rosso finish Romina's Nero finish











There are no magic formulas for healthy product other than selecting healthy ingredients therefore, with Romina, you’ll be happy to find out what’s in it and thrilled to find out what’s not.

  • 100% solid wood non-chemically treated for added strength and resistance. No particle board or MDF is used in the manufacturing process therefore all Romina products are free of Formaldehyde and any other cancer causing toxic emanations.
  • Water based stains and paints, CPSC certified non-toxic. Our finishes are free of VOCs, Lead, Phthalates or any other toxic emanation.
  • Tree sap based organic glues are used with the construction of drawer boxes, wood panels for side walls and all joints that require adhesives.
  • Bees Wax organic finish is available for any of our collections.


All products are tested and certified for safe operation, they meet and exceed all government regulations in effect. Romina goes one step further and incorporate the latest and most efficient technologies that are currently available to make sure your baby’s 1st furniture is the safest and most comfortable place to be.

  • All products are compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards, tested and certified by CPSC authorized labs.
  • All Romina dressers are standardly equipped with anti-tilting hardware system for added stability and protection.
  • Romina’s drawer gliding system is baby proof and completely eliminates the risk of accidentally pulling out drawers. Plastic safety triggers mounted underneath the drawer boxes must be operated simultaneously for extracting the drawer.
  • The standard self-closing drawer and door systems helps avoiding finger pinching accidents.
  • Solid wood construction offers a very high resistance coefficient to mechanical impact and decreases vulnerability to extreme variations of environmental conditions.
  • Romina uses only certified non-toxic water-based paints and stains and has had all of their products Greenguard Children and Schoolssm certified.


Romina makes no compromise in the pursuit of absolute quality in baby furniture.

  • Solid hardwood has superior strength, durability and resistance than most other materials commonly used in the furniture industry.
  • All wood components are assembled using the old fashion “own dowel technique”. Organic glues and special nails are used for all joints.
  • Large corner blocks are designed to increase support and inner strength of the whole ensemble. They are especially important for preventing wood reaction to extreme variations of local humidity and temperature conditions.
  • “Dove tail” technique is used for all drawer boxes in addition to organic glues.
  • Tops are non-adhesively attached into specially designed wood blocks for allowing the furniture assemble to release all inner tensions that may occur in the natural wood aging process.
  • All doors and drawers hardware systems are made in Germany with a self-closing feature guaranteed for 80,000 cycles (73 Years for normal use). Drawer glides allow a full extension for best functionality and can sustain a load of 60 lbs.


  • Romina is a great advocate of environmental conservation and their entire manufacturing activity takes place with regards to our beautiful planet. They believe that offering future generations the best furniture is not enough as long as we don’t make everything in our powers to preserve their environment as well.
  • Romina is actively involved in recycling and energy conservation activities; they implemented Eco-certification requirements for wood suppliers as well as recycling and energy waste policies at their manufacturing plant near Bucharest, Romania. It is also very important to know that Romina Furniture has a “sister” company which proudly produces bio-fuel (Ethanol) from renewable sources.
  • Romina requires all wood suppliers to comply with the European Treaty for Beech Re-Harvesting which stipulates that 5 new beech trees must be planted for each one exploited. Advanced certification is required prior to contractual agreements.
  • All waste resulted in the manufacturing process is used as fuel for our wood burning heating system in the winter season as well as when temperature drops below the 20 degrees Celsius inside their temperature and humidity controlled manufacturing facility.
  • Special software is used in the design process for minimizing wood waste, furthermore all supply ordering process follows a manufacturing optimization process.
  • All cardboard use for packing purposes is supplied from recycled sources.

Shipping available to lower 48 plus Alaska. Call us for details.