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Springing out of the hands of passionate wood artisans of Europe, SILVA Furniture is not only designed to please you, it is built to impress you. Old fashion furniture making meets new generation lifestyle for a simple yet very sophisticated presence. All Silva cribs are made of solid Beechwood and all dressers have English dove-tailed drawers made of solid poplar and galvanized steel under-mount drawer runners. Silva uses non-toxic, 100% water-based finishes that offer superior scratch resistance.


Genuine elegance and discrete style are rare and precious traits in today's world. Silva’s Edison Collection has them in abundance. Classic English furniture design is gently revealed under tasteful notes of modern architecture. European manufacturing tradition crowns Edison with the bold attributes of royal kind.

Available in 3 beautiful finishes: Cappuccino, Linen and White.


Welcome to the world of the Silva’s Jackson Collection where inner strength meets bold design in a contemporary style speaking the European language of sophistication. Quality manufacturing details elevate the esthetics to make this a timeless collection.

Available in 3 beautiful finishes: Cherry, Flint and White.


A seductive fusion between European sophistication and American lifestyle, Silva’s Serena Collection is designed to be the charming room you always wanted for your baby. The exigent and responsible manufacture eye looked over the shoulder of the creative designer to make sure that safety complements the simplicity and practically of the design.

Available in 3 beautiful finishes: Cherry, Flint and White.


Refined in style and finishing, Silva’s Sophia Collection revolves around the French provincial lifestyle. European quality tradition adds substance to the soft delicate curves to make this not only a simple and classic presence but a comfortable, solid and timeless one as well.

Available in 4 beautiful finishes: Cherry, Flint, Linen and White.


All Silva Furniture collections have the following pieces available


We know how important your baby's health and safety is to you. All SILVA Furniture products are made with non-toxic materials and tested and certified for safe operation. They meet or exceed all government regulations.
  • All products are compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards, tested and certified by CPSC authorized labs.
  • All dressers are standardly equipped with anti-tilting hardware system for added stability and protection.
  • Drawer gliding system is baby proof and completely eliminates the risk of accidentally pulling out drawers. Plastic safety triggers mounted underneath the drawer boxes must be operated simultaneously for extracting the drawer.
  • Water-based Finishes: SILVA finishes are 100% water-based and free of any toxic components such as VOCs, formaldehyde, lead or anything that could be toxic to an infant or an adult. Water-based finishes also offer superior resistance compared to oil or polyurethane finishes.


  • Made in Europe: SILVA Furniture is entirely made in Europe (not just “built” or “assembled”) with woods harvested from sustainable sources. All our wood suppliers comply with the European Treaty for Forest Conservation. All “ingredients” used to create SILVA products are exclusively made in Europe including the hardware, which is from Germany.
  • Solid Wood: All SILVA cribs are made of solid Beechwood. Beechwood is a hardwood common to the Northern part of Europe. Beechwood is similar to Maple and Oak in hardness bus surpasses these 2 wood essences in finishing and mechanical properties. Case goods inner frame is also made of Beechwood.
  • Engineered Tops: Dresser’s tops and side walls are engineered to that all exposed parts or joints are solid wood. Wood composites are banded with a ½ inch Beechwood border prior to veneering on both sides. This is especially important because it increases the hardness on the edges and tolerance to humidity and temperature variations; it also allows for very smooth routing or beveling of the tops edges.
  • Dust-proof Bottoms: The dust-proof bottoms on dressers provide additional structural strength (especially during transportation).
  • Corner Bracketing: All case goods are reinforced with wood corner brackets for added resistance and long term durability. This is especially important when the furniture is transported.
  • English Dove-tailed Drawers: SILVA drawers are made from solid Poplar. Poplar is a medium density wood with excellent furniture properties; the solid wood construction does not require center support for the drawer box, which is a common requirement when using inferior quality materials. English dove-tail technique used for the drawer boxes (front and back) offers long term drawer functionality, durability and resistance during the mechanical operation.
  • German Quadro Runner Systems: SILVA drawer hardware is made in Germany with galvanized steel. The under-mount systems offer superior gliding ability, and ample extension and tolerate a weight load of 60lbs. A vertical adjustment feature and an anti-accidental opening feature (very important around infants) are included. Under-mount drawer tracks offer superior drawer experience than side mounted ball-bearing runners, which do not last very long.

Shipping available to lower 48 plus Alaska. Call us for details.